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MogChoco- Full Party and Guest

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Moogle Chocobo Carnival

The full party and Iris will join Noctis when you load into the Carnival.

The Moogle Chocobo Carnival was ported and finally brought to Windows by Kizari! It is now available within Flagrum's app, more info below.


  • There are no animations, voice lines or interactions for any character besides Noct, so this is really just a novelty.
  • Prompto takes photos while he is in the party, there are no way to view them in game currently so check your screenshot folder!!!
  • Using a save that was in insomnia will load the older versions of the bros.
  • After a couple of the minigames you will only have a guest and Noctis, simply save and reload to get them back. This is because we cannot modify the festival itself currently, this will be updated when we can.
  • There is at least one spot where the party is crouching by the first bridge, usually just walking away fixes it, but the gondola will always fix this.

Instructions on editing this for other guests.

This can be changed to other guests by making the following changes: partySaveBankNumber5_ value to the character's assigned numbers within objectIndex="1000"

ID's that can be used for guests:

  • 4 - Ardyn
  • 5 - Aranea
  • 6 - Cor
  • 7 - Iris
  • 8 - Umbra
  • 15 - Ravus
  • 17 - Sarah

File used:

  1. Open Flagrum, navigate to the file you would like to edit in Asset Explorer and download it as .xml
  2. Open the .xml file, press CTRL + F and search objectIndex="1000" and replace the value with the desired ID from the list above. (Save)
  3. Switch over to Mod Manager tab and select (+) Create Mod and select the file you downloaded and replace it with the file you edited. (Save)
  4. The mod should be built and ready for testing. Load the game and check and your new guest should be there.

Manually install by double clicking the fmod *Version 1.4.9+ required  Guide for new users


This is an addon to Kizari's Moogle Chocobo Carnival port, which you can download via Flagrum App, and the link is within the app. The link will pop up when you load it up, however you can click on the carnival sticker on the bottom left at any time to get