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God Mode (Flying)

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Toggle God Mode and Invincibility by opening and closing the Camera


Fly anywhere in the world you want! Turns on and off instantly just by closing the photo menu!


This mod attaches a toggle ability to the camera that enables God Mode, or Knights of Eos as it's written in the files, to help explore the world. With it, Noctis can fly as he does in the Ardyn and Leviathan battles, as well become immune to damage and status effects. (The combat, however, is limited to a special version of Warp Strike).

This can be used while falling and swimming making it perfect for those who like exploring Out of Bounds.

It is highly recommended you install HAL's no collision mod to help with a number of invisible walls.

Kizari from Exineris co-wrote a large part of the script. You can learn how this mod was made with his tutorial he wrote here. Special Thanks to Larxian for their help as well!

*Special thanks to Kizari for explaining how to make sequence mods and generally just being an awesome person.*




世界中のどこでも自由に飛び回ろう! 写真メニューを閉じるだけで瞬時にオンとオフに切り替わります!


このモッドはカメラにトグル機能を追加し、ファイルに書かれているようにゴッドモードまたはKnights of Eos(ファイル内での名称)を有効にして世界の探索をサポートします。これにより、ノクティスはアーデンとリヴァイアサンの戦闘と同じように飛行することができ、ダメージや状態異常に対しても免疫を得ることができます。(ただし、戦闘はワープストライクの特別なバージョンに制限されます)。

これは落下や水中でも使用することができ、Out of Bounds の探索が好きな人に最適です。





Manually install by double clicking the fmod *Version 1.4.9+ required  Guide for new users