Moros Tylosaurus

Moro's Tylosaurus

- Mod ID: 953108

- Discord: https://discord.gg/devdisk-946686437892452393 <---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->


  • (All assets, Including the Model, Textures, Rig, Animations etc are all made by me and are the personal property of Me aka MoroNada)

  • (Sound Effects are not mine, they are From JWE's Tylosaurus so credit for those sounds go to them)

  • Mod Info Google Doc - https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1VXVfYN-Kx8cmky6KalxuqbVeHUh58J4m?usp=sharing

  • What is a Tylosaurus? It is an ocean creature closely related to it's cousin the mosasaur. <------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------>

  • What can it do? This creature has various different attacks such as 90 degree snap attacks, death roll, agile AOE attack, venom infliction modes, which can be upgraded through skill points obtained per level up, as well as a ability to jump out of the water in return for a quick regen buff. It is meant to be a fast & Agile tame. The Tylosaurus passively regenerates venoms that are used as ammo for the venom inflictions it can do. The following venoms are: Pheromone, Toxic Venom, and Torpidity venom. The torpidity venom the Tylosaurus produces can also be turned into Narcotics by converting (crafting) in it's inventory.

  • How to tame one? At the moment it is a standard KO Tame.

  • Where can I find them? They are usually found in mid to deep waters.

  • SpawnCode Tamed: Cheat summontamed MoroTylosaurus_character_bp

  • Spawncode Wild: Cheat summon MoroTylosaurus_character_bp

  • Saddle Spawn command: giveitem Blueprint'/MorosTylosaurus/Dinos/Saddle/PrimalItemArmor_MoroTyloSaddle.PrimalItemArmor_MoroTyloSaddle 1 0 0


  • Copyright © 2024. MoroNada

All rights reserved.

All assets from this mod are the intellectual property of MoroNada. Meaning that the assets from this mod may NOT be transmitted in any form or by any means, including ripping assets, using ripped assets from this mod for personal / commercial uses without permission, or selling any assets from this mod. If found that you have violated any of these terms, legal action will be taken. As permitted by U.S. copyright law. This mod is for people to play and enjoy as intended inside ASA and is not permitted to be used in any other way.