More Giga and Carchar Spawns [Crossplay]

Makes Gigas and Carchars spawn at a more frequent interval, and allows controlling their spawn maximum and speeds. Also makes Carchars properly count toward max amounts (fix to a vanilla bug). Spawn methods are completely natural and vanilla and are therefore completely compatible with other mods and regular mechanics. Note: To check spawn amounts, use the command cheat ListDinos and then either enter the extended console (double tap Tab on PC), or paste into a text file to view the output. It is NOT reliable to fly around and look for them by eye- they can spawn inside walls, under the map, be hidden, etc.

Default interval has been changed from 24 hours to 2 hours, default max count is changed to 4 from 2 in vanilla, mainly to account for Carchars correctly counting against that limit now. Note that the maximum amount is for Gigas and Carchars combined, not each, and that the interval is for each spawn attempt, which spawns a single creature and is able to fail. You do not need to dinowipe after changes, because Giga and Carchar spawns are not affected by other spawns on the map.

Configs go in GameUserSettings.ini:

Value for Interval must be in seconds (so default value is 7200).




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