GG SkyIslands Premium Mod

GG SkyIslands Premium Mod

Mod ID= 995566

 The mod offers SkyIslands that act as a floating base of operations. The SkyIslands are themed for different environments and scenic to add an immersive and natural feeling to it's existence. SkyIslands come in various sizes up to Epic variety and with multiple biomes. With each new DLC release multiple new SkyIslands or will be added inspired from the new DLC map. 

 SkyIslands also come with special snaps you can snap specialized structures to them like mining drills to passively harvest your choice of metal, crystal or obsidian. A water well that will provide a water source so you can grow crops, sockets for sap taps and tree platforms and a specialized socket for a Tek Forcefield large enough to encompass a Large Sized SkyIsland. 

 The SkyIslands are balanced for PvP for those wanting that play style. They have hit points, metal tier with some tek resistance, high crafting costs, high range when placing near enemy structures and a 15 second pickup delay timer to prevent accidental pickups. 

 The SkyIslands also come with built in platforms in trees and around the sides and bottom so you can protect all areas around your base with creative builds. Overall, GG SkyIslands can add more options to picking a base location on any map and gives the player many options on how they customize their new Air Base!

 If you're playing big overhaul mods like Ark Omega or Primal Chaos that has dangerous wildlife that can harm your base then take to the air with GG SkyIslands.

Mod Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2WBbYaAXt0k

To get started simply level up and learn the Mod Engrams and craft in the Workbench!

Curious about the Road Map and future of the project then check this out! https://trello.com/b/ZXesrfIE/gg-skyislands-paid

Join our Discord for further Mod Support: https://discord.gg/cFMF5hP8p9

New Biomes not found in Ark, Outback!