Egg Collector


An Egg Collector to help collect and even passively generate eggs for you!

This egg collector will pick up unfertilized eggs that have been dropped from your tames and prevent them from spoiling. It will also pick up fertilized eggs that have been dropped by your dinos and incubate them! It will not pick up fertilized eggs dropped by players, to allow you to drop them for hatching.

Most importantly, you can 'integrate' female egg layers into it, which will destroy the tame, but add its egg type to its passive generation list. Eggs on the passive generation list will be passively generated using the same timers and chances as if the female was mate boosted with a nearby Oviraptor. The egg generation rate is affected by egg rate INI settings. Individual egg types can be toggled on or off for passive generation in the structure's inventory.

Picking up the structure will save the eggs inside. There is no risk of losing the integrated egg layers by picking up the structure to move it.

INI Settings:
WildEggs= (Set this to true/false to control whether or not the Egg Collector will pick up eggs dropped by wild dinos).
GrabFert=True (Set this to false to prevent pickup of fertilized eggs).
DisableIntegrate=False (set this to true to disable egg integration features).
AllowIncubate=True (set this to false to disable fertilized egg incubation in its inventory.

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