Alpha Everything


Works with vanilla AND modded creatures!

Alpha Everything has come to ASA! The mod is being redesigned from the ground up to bring you a more balanced experience.

This mod creates Alpha versions of all tameable dinos. Things that cannot currently be tamed will not spawn as Alpha, to prevent bosses and things from becoming Alphas. The Alphas resemble the vanilla counterparts, being larger in size with higher stats and a red aura. Currently, the stats are 2.5x higher than vanilla, and the size is 1.25x.

Known Bugs: Alpha dino colors are not applying properly (Wildcard has been notified).


AlphaChance= is the percent chance of conversion to Alpha. Default is 2, max is 100.
Blacklist= is the name of any species you want to prevent becoming Alpha (example: Dodo) TameAlphas= is whether or not you want them to be tamed. They currently tame exactly as vanilla. Setting this to false would force them to be instantly destroyed if tamed.
Aggressive= is whether or not they are aggressive towards players.
AggroRange= is the range in centimeters they will aggro players from if enabled. 300 is equal to a foundation.
AlphaStats= The stat multiplier applied to all Alphas. Min of 1, Max of 10
AlphaSize= The size multiplier applied to all Alphas. Min of 1, max of 2.
ChibiXP= Whether or not the Alphas give Chibi XP.

To spawn in the alpha gun that can be used to shoot any dino into being an alpha: cheat giveitem "/AlphaEverything/Items/PrimalItem_AlphaPistol.PrimalItem_AlphaPistol" 1 0 0 false

To change the spawn chance of wild dino being alpha: cheat scriptcommand alphachance X (X being the percent chance, 0-100).

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