Dwarven Builders Mod

Mod ID: 924900

Welcome to the Dwarven Builders Mod. This mod contains many structure pieces to build dwarven themed bases and is made for my map Svartalfheim but it can be used on ANY map!

This Mod Contains:

  • Walls & Windows
  • Doors & Gates (Auto open & close!)
  • Foundations (Square, Triangle)
  • Ceilings (Square, Triangle)
  • Roofs (Square, Triangle, Corner)
  • Pillars
  • Stairs
  • Big Window Walls
  • Railings
  • Ramps
  • Hatchframes

And more...

What's Planned:

  • Working Stations (Forge, Smithy, ...)
  • Behemoth Gates
  • Ladders
  • Maybe more decorations

Important Infos:

  • This mod has its own workstation to craft the structures
  • This mod adds new structure engrams
  • This structure tier counts as the metal tier
  • Hold E on Walls to switch to decorated wall variants
  • This mod can be used on any map


  • All structure assets and the hatchet of this mod are made by Creep, check out her Twitter and Artstation
  • Thanks to Cliffan who helped me with the cloak physics setup for the armor