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Welcome to Svartalfheim!

Map Name: Svartalfheim_WP
Mod ID: 893657
Map Completition: 60%

The most important infos:

  • A dwarven inspired map
  • 33km² landscape full of mysteries
  • This is a no fly map. Flyers don't even spawn
  • New resources like pure Gold, Mithril and more
  • New Alpha dino variants with a more and better loot

More to come:

  • New enemies like Dwarven Warriors
  • Custom Dino Variants

Whats not planned:

  • A new custom dino
  • Flyers on this map
  • Giganotosaurus spawns
  • Titanosaurus spawns

Special thanks

  • Hazearil for creating BPs for me
  • BoeDoe for creating the Svartalfheim Logo and Artworks
  • Mave for creating the Svartalfheim trailer
  • Creep,Hailun, Snevs & Hadi for creating custom assets
  • GaiaDanny for helping me with different BP stuff
  • FM for testing almost every patch and helping out with finding bugs