Base Raid Management

Base Raid Management, a vital addition to any Ark Survival Ascended PvP server. The BRM is a device that empowers tribes to protect their bases with a Peace Phase. During Peace Phase, the BRM will ensure the safety of all players, dinosaurs, and structures within its protective radius. Once deployed, this formidable structure becomes a steadfast guardian, offering unparalleled defense against hostile forces.

Placement is paramount, as the BRM device becomes immovable once positioned. Upon activation, it initiates in Combat Phase, transitioning cyclically to Peace Phase unless a specific start time is designated by the tribe. Should no start time be set, the device seamlessly cycles to Combat Phase daily at the hour of its initial deployment.

Precision is key when scheduling, as adjustments to the cycle time can only be made once every 7 days. Furthermore, while the device is in Combat Phase, alterations to the start time are unavailable, ensuring steadfast protection during critical periods.

For server owners, comprehensive control awaits. Customize the duration of the Combat Phase in hours, dictate the interval for cycling between phases, define the protective radius of each device, and fine-tune the grace period in seconds before players entering the radius are granted protection during Peace Phase. With these customizable parameters, tailor the BRM system to suit your server's unique needs and foster a secure and thriving community.

This mod is not recommended for use on Single Player game modes. However, if you do want to use it, some of the cosmetic elements will cease to function when the player leaves render distance. All other functionality works fine on Single Player mode.

Without the support of the Ark Mod Community, this mod would have never been finished. Thank you for all your help and support, Kjasi, Quellcrest, and Georg.

Base Raid Manager

  • unlocks at level 49
  • crafted at the Fabricator
  • starts in Combat Phase

Spawn Commands:

cheat giveitem "/BaseRaidManagement/PrimalItemStructure_BRM_Tribe.PrimalItemStructure_BRM_Tribe" 1 0 0

cheat gfi brm 1 0 0

Blueprint path:


Engram Entry:


Server Configs:








ChangeCombatPhaseCoolDown - number of days from the time the combat phase is changed until it can be changed again

CombatPhaseLength - number of hours that the combat phase will last

ProtectionRadius - number of unreal units (300 Uu = 1 foundation) for the radius of the protection sphere around the device

TimeTillProtected - number of seconds from when a player enters a protection sphere before they will be fully protect if device is currently in Peace Phase

AlwaysPVE - True will set the BRM to ignore combat phase, False will respect the combat phase timers