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Uploaded Jan 20, 2021
Game Version 9.0.2
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* Some combo point fixes.

* Fixed some highlight issues.
* Update for Classic 1.13.6.

* Update for 9.0.2.

* Fixed some issues with status highlighting.
* Fixed phasing indicator on Classic.
* Removed RealMobHealth wrapper.

* Fixed some errors from previous release.

* Updated codebase to match with Classic.
* Raid casting monitor fixes and tweaks.

* Fixed target incoming heals and absorb prediction.

* Fixed color picker.
* Fixed shaman extra bars.

* Some minimap and settings related fixes.
* Update libraries.

* Various buff/debuff related fixes.

* Fixed enemy player buffs on Classic.

* Update for Classic 1.13.5.
* Update libraries.

* Add assist icon on target frame
* Don't defer rendering the assist/lead icon on target swap, the performance hit is no longer there

* Fixed callback handler.

* Added LibClassicCasterino, LibHealComm library support for Classic and incoming resurrect status. (Thanks for pelder78)
* Other various fixes.

* Update for Classic 1.13.4.
* Party Pet fixes.

* Removed debug prints.

* Fixed curable class dispels.

* Update for Classic 1.13.3.

* Healer mode precision fixes.
* Elite texture fixes.
* Inspecting fixes for classic.

* Fixed range finder item.
* Buff tooltip helper should work properly again.
* Dispel fixes for classic.
* Highlight fixes for classic.
* Casting fixes for classic.
* Various other smaller fixes.

* Fixed player pet hit indicators.
* Reset defaults will properly reset the position of the additional extra info panels.
* Broken custom highlight zone fixes.
* Some other smaller fixes.

* Fixed custom highlighting.
* Fixed debuff curable checker.
* Fixed connected realm main tank names.
* Various tooltip and other fixes.

* Fixed some issues with player frame states for druids/priests/shamans.
* Target cast bar should work when the target is the player.
* Fixed channel spells.

* TOC fixes.

* Fixed hidden but clickable raid frame movers.

* Fixed pvp icons for classic.
* Added hunter pet happiness support. (untested)
* Fixed status highlighting extra sparkles texture.
* Various fixes for both classic and retail.

* Compatibility update for World of Warcraft Classic with RealMobHealth support.
* Added Clique support for party pet frame.
* Various fixes for retail.

* Fixing various issues with the default Blizzard buff frame.
* Raid Pets anchoring fixes.

* Updated for 8.2.0.

* Edit box fixes.

* Fixing a dropdown error.

* Unit health workarounds.
* Some other smaller fixes.

* Dropdown fixes.

* Packager changes.

* Updated for 8.1.5.

* Fixing a minor issues with assist frames.

* Health update fixes.

* Updated for 8.1.0.

* Fixed an issue with AFK status for the player frame.

* Fixed FrameXML errors with the player frame.
* Some fixes related to assist frames.

* Fixed an issue with the Raid Helper frames.

* Fixed an issue with the player portrait reseting.

* More Target hit indicator fixes.

* Target hit indicator fixes for healing spells.
* Hot spell fixes.

* Secure frame fixes.

* Debuff highlight fixes.

* Target hit indicator fixes.

* Status highlight fixes.

* Fixed an issue with target hit indicators.
* Readded custom dropdown handlers.

* Version bump.

* Fixed castbar related issues.

* Combo point fixes.
* Removed prestige related code.
* Target should show the proper class icons.
* Feign Death status is broken for now. (Gonna fix that later)

* Fixed an issue with the target's target.

* Updated for 8.0.1.

* Added Antorus, the Burning Throne and Tomb of Sargeras spells for custom highlighting. (Thanks for Dainslaif63534)
* Player portrait model fixes.
* Powerbar percentage is no longer hidden for dead targets.
* Version broadcast tweaks.
* Removed getglobal calls.
* Couple of other fixes.

* Player power value changes.

* Reputation bar fixes.

* Library fix.
* Warlock power bar fixes.

* Raid anchor fixes.
* Refactor version notifications.

* Party and Raid anchor dropdowns are usable again, even with other older dropdown library addons loaded.

* Party and Raid anchor dropdowns are usable again.

* PlaySound fix for the dropdowns.

* Updated for patch 7.3.0.

* 7.3.0 statement.

* Fixed multiple issues with party and party target incoming heals and absorbs.
* Protected and children element fixes in the options frame.

* Tagging as release.

* Range check should work properly at the Desolate Host encounter.
* Party target absorbs and heal predictions should get updated properly.
* Party pet power bar fixes.
* Fixed some addon dependencies.

* Party pet and party target tweaks.
* Protected and children element fixes in the options frame.
* Some other minor fixes.

* Added a 45 yard range check.
* Fixed Restoration Shaman's frame squish.
* The Hide Default Buffs options now should work independently from the Player Buffs.
* Removed a deprecated event from every unit frame.

Tagging as release.

* Revision bump.

* Raid Monitor settings will get loaded/saved properly.
* Fixed an issue about loading the Raid Admin module.

* Rested XP should show up again as a number.
* XP and rested XP text coord fixes.
* Protected widget statuses will properly get updated when showing/hiding the options frame or changing tabs while in combat.
* Code clean up.

* Sync the revision number with actual value in the repo, r1049 is not exist, no code changes(only the revision number), sorry again.

* Added to the Changelog file about r1050 change, I forgot that, sorry.

* zhTW updates for the Option UI

* Fixed resto shaman's duplicate mana bar.
* Some other buff related fixes.

* Buff related fixes.

* Securely updating player frame height and buff positions when shape shifting in combat.
* Shamans and Priests can hide the extra mana bar in the options now.
* Added !NoTaint library, to prevent taints while opening the spell book.

* Dropdown updates.

* Dropdown updates.

* Fixed party target range updates.

* Party header visibility fixes.
* Party pet attribute and update fixes.

* Added a new option to show the player on the party frames.
* Warlock now can enable/disable the totem bar too.
* Party layout fixes.
* Party pet optimizations.
* Fixed a major issue with raid attributes.
* Raid pets will properly show up when raid in party is enabled.

* Force load party layout on load, to prevent some protected issues.
* PVP timer is now visible for prestige icons too.
* Some optimizations with the pvp timer functions.
* Fixed an issue with registering textures with LibSharedMedia.

* Updated for 7.2.0.
* Temporary removed the voice chat functions.
* Fixed an issue with reputation tracking.

* Added support for prestige icons.

* Fixed some lua error with the meta tables.

* Force disabling Raid in Party options. (Anyone who would like to use this feature reenable it again.)
* Fixed an issue with target and target's target frames.

* Raid in Party is disabled by default.
* Force disabling Raid in Party options. (Anyone who would like to use this feature reenable it again.)
* Some GUI fixes.

* Added an option to show the raid frames while in a party.
* Localization fixes.
* Other smaller fixes.

* Fixed an another issue with the Raid Helper.

* Securely Hiding raid pets in pet battles.
* Fixed a health issue for raid pets.
* Raid pets now can be enabled/disabled independently from raid frames.
* Dead raid pets should have their health bar colored properly.
* Raid pets should properly update after loading screens.
* Raid pets now use frequent health updates.
* Party pets should properly update after loading screens.
* Target and focus frames should get properly updated when using a leveling stone on a battle pet while targeting/focusing it.
* Healer mode health text fixes.
* Added Atonement for the pom spells.
* Warrior's portrait should properly get updated after using Sky Jump.
* Fixed an issue with the Raid Helper.
* Loads of other smaller fixes.

* zhCN update for r1015 change, mainland China use Simplified Chinese so I changed for them. But again, zhCN still needed to do other locale updates since 2009, someone who played CN realm should helps please. :)

* Wake the repo server up.

* Workaround for proper power type bars for the Xavius fight.
* Reverted health text values and prefixes back to the original Chinese system.

* Wake the repo server up.

* Health text fixes.
* Healer mode text fixes.

* Clear up all locales of ZPerl\localization*.lua for recently health text/value changes.
* Update zhTW/zhCN locale files for the new health text/value strings.

* Fixed a typo with health text.

* Health text updates.
* Securely handing pet battle visibility for player and player pet frames.
* Fixed a nasty taint with player buffs.

* Option UI's zhTW locale file updates.

* Added an option to enable/disable the lock position for the player's special bar.
* Fixed an issue with the buff location for druids and rogues.
* Some other smaller fixes.

* Readded hit indicators on player, player pet, target, focus and party frames.
* Hit indicator should properly work on party frames.
* Some other hit indicator related fixes.
* Combo points are back on target.
* Combo points on target now support up to 8 combo points.
* Combo points scale fixes.
* Special bars should stay at one point, and properly follow it's frames width changes.
* Player buff position should get updated properly on talent changes based on if the current specialization has a specal bar.
* Removed ZPerl Usage entirely until i can properly rewrite it.

* Added Demon Hunters to the raid and monitor functions.
* Fixed some issues with raid group saved variables.
* Fixed a GUI bug with the player's level.
* Offline party member health fix.
* Fixed a bug with reset settings.
* Removed the Usage functions.

* Fixed an issue with saved variables.
* Toc version bump.

* Added Astral Power and Pain as power types.
* Added a safeguard option to reset colors if needed to prevent bigger issues.
* Added an option to disable the combo point indicator on the target tab.

* deDE locale updates for Option UI, thanks CanRanBan@Curse.

* Various special bar fixes for every class.
* Added fury for Demon Hunters.
* Druid max mana fix.
* Target combo indicator should work properly again.
* Fixed some more leaks.
* Some cleanups.

* Fixed a major leak.
* Maelstrom bar should be colored properly.
* Added secondary manabar for Shamans and Priests.
* Some coloring safeguards.
* Bar texture safeguard fix.
* Buff tooltip helper fixes.
* Mages and Rogues have access to the Player/Show special bar features too.

* Updated for 7.0.3.
* Fixed a major issue with channel spells.
* Health changes in pet battle for the target and focus frame will trigger properly.

* Fixed a potential error.

* Portrait frames won't get updated unnecessary.
* Party target health update fixes.
* Removed some old pet functions.
* Toc version fix.

* Fixed an issue which potentially could cause lag spikes when players joining/leaving your group.
* Fixed an issue with castbars, where a castbar could fail for no reason, while using a macro with multiple spells.
* Some other smaller fixes.

* Removed some old workarounds.
* Party attribute fixes.

* Wake the repo server up.

* Party attribute fixes.
* Party incoming heals and absorbs should get updated properly.

* Raid markers should properly work on vehicles.
* The threat checks in the options should get validated properly.
* Fixes with the balance druid bar.

* Securely showing/hiding party frames.
* Properly hiding party frames while in a pet battle.
* Properly hiding raid frames while in a pet battle.
* Party attribute function refactoring.

* Fixed a major issue with the raid handling tables.
* Raid onattribute changes will be changed based on the unit's GUID instead of the unit's name.
* AFK status should work again on the raid frames for every unit.
* The texture of the power bar on the raid frames should properly set by the selected profile's texture.
* Some other smaller fixes.

* Clique functions for the player's pet should be working again.

* Player, pet and vehicle swap fixes.

* Player and pet frame fixes.
* Player, pet and vehicle frames should properly update their attributes even in combat.
* Entering and leaving vehicle with summoned pet should be a lot more smoother.

* Version bump.

* Target, focus and pet target update fixes.

* Version bump.

* Friendly targets will no longer shown as tapped.
* Player pet will ignore the target highlight option.
* Player pet will properly be hidden during pet battles.
* Fixed another taint issue.
* Some other smaller fixes.

* Fixed an issue with the class portrait.
* Vehicle combat fix.
* Fixed a taint with the Raid Helper module.
* Some other smaller fixes.

* Rune bar width fix.
* Cast bar flash strata fix.
* Added some higher resolution textures.
* Removed some broken unused textures.
* Some other smaller fixes.

* Tagging as release.

* Added Beacon of Insight to the highlight functions.
* Fixed an issue with the highlight function.
* Some other smaller fixes.

* zhTW updates for r978 changes on Option UI.

* Highlight fixes.
* Added an option to customize the Absorb and Heal Prediction bar's color and alpha.
* Some other smaller fixes.

* Readjust the XPERL_CONF_PLAYER_PET_VALUES_DESC string's position on ZPerl_Options/localization.lua.
* zhTW updates, no actual code change.

* 10 and 30 yards range check should be more accurate.
* Added 20 yard tracker for range checker.
* 40 yard tracker should properly work for attackable and assistable targets even outside party/raid.
* Spell range checker should only work for assistable targets as before. (Spell check for enemy targets are coming soon.)
* Range checker should no longer fade out targets in vehicle or any other vehicle type encounter mechanic.
* Fixed some weird layering issues.
* Toggling cast bar options should update it's status immediately.
* Some other smaller fixes.

* Range finder should properly work on every type of mobs now.
* Raid and raid pet fixes and optimisations.
* Raid pet right click menu will work again.
* Raid pet GUIDs should update properly.
* Target defer redraw and 30 yard range indicator should work again.

* Removed all hit indicators.
* Removed the class colors to guild list option.
* Hopefully fixed the major FPS degradements over time for good.
* Drastically increased performance globally.
* Fixed an issue which caused excessive memory usage for the target frame.
* Heal prediction and absorbs optimisations and fixes for every frame.
* Fixed an issue with raid marker icons layering when elite graphic is enabled for the target and focus frame.
* Party frames should properly update then the party member becomes online/offline.
* Party and party pet optimisations.
* Added a stagger bar for brewmaster monks.
* Reverted the combo bar and combo point changes from the last release.
* Some combo bar update fixes.
* Pet frames should align to the raid properly, when the roster changes by any way.
* Some raid and a lot of raid pet optimisations.
* The target and focus frame should properly update when you target a group member and you lose visibility with that member.
* A lot of pettarget, targettarget, targettargettarget, and focustarget optimisations.
* All the other stuff i missed out.

* Binding fixes, removed some useless saved variables.
* Hovering the mouse over an unit frames, should instantly update it's reaction color in it's tooltip.
* Added absorb tracking for each frame.
* Fixed a layering issue with the expected health bars, which caused them to show up under the frame's health bar.
* Added Renewing Mist highlight tracking for Monks.
* Some other highlighting fixes.
* Fixed an issue which caused the target counter and the assists counter frames not to update their colors and transparency properly.
* Cast Time Inside option should properly get applied for every frames.
* Disabling the Custom Highlight option should properly clear all the highlight effects.
* Automatically enable the heal prediction and absorb bars for every frames. (You can disable them the the All tab, or individually for each frames options.)
* Virtual party frames color should get updated properly.
* Fixed an issue with every frame's combat icon which caused some graphical glitches.
* A lot of party pet optimisations.
* Party and raid pet's heal prediction should work properly. (Currently inheriting it's settings from the party/raid heal prediction.)
* Fixed an issue which caused some pet errors if you was in a party/raid with someone from a different game region in the PTR.
* Added an option to individually disable the target's target and focus target's target debuffs.
* Disabling the debuffs for every target frames should get applied instantly.
* Moved the raid pet options to it's own GUI segment.
* A lot of other GUI fixes.
* The player level should have it's proper color now.
* Removed some irrelevant player events.
* Should gain faster control over your player frame when exiting from a vehicle.
* Some raid target icon layering fixes.
* Fixed an issue which caused excessive CPU usage when opened the options without an existing pet frames.
* Pet and pet target frames should be transparent when opening the options without an existing pet.
* Removed the Anticipation support from the target's combo bar frame.
* Created an extra combo bar frame for the Anticipation combo point tracking.
* Combo points should also support color blind mode.
* Target and focus debuff highlight option should get disabled instantly.
* Focus debuff highlight should work properly.
* Target pvp icon layering fixes.
* Fixed some target's target target issues.

* More possible FPS issue fixes.
* Fixed an issue with range finder spells/items.
* Fixed a layer issue with expected health bars.
* In the "Helper" tab, disabling "Enemy Targeting" will also disable "Aggro Warning" as it should.
* Flipped party frames with pet frames enabled will have their debuff position fixed.
* Flipped party frames will have their debuff grow position fixed.
* The level and the class frame is no longer party of the party's secure unit frame, also the highlight will exclude this frames.
* Party pet power bars are properly updated again.
* Party pets are no longer clamped to screen.
* Party and raid pets are getting a full update when the pet becomes targetable/untargetable.
* Fixed a taint with player frame for druids.
* Some other smaller player frame fixes.
* Fixed an issue with raid/raid pet frames what caused excessive frame updates and performance degradements.
* Removed some outdated events from the "Raid Monitor" module.
* A lot of other smaller fixes, clean ups and optimizations.

* Updated for 6.2.0.
* Tagging as 4.0.3 release.

* Binding fixes.

* The mouse over highlight will exlcude the class and level frames for the player, target, focus and party frames.
* More taint fixes for balance druids. (The damn boomkinz.)
* The focus target indicator is now anchored to the right side on the focuses name fame, to prevent overlapping with the pvp indicator.
* Feign death status fixes.
* AFK status fixes.
* AFK status should get updated instantly.

* Fixed an error with the party "Feign Death" status.

* Fixed a major issue with party roster updates.
* More possible FPS fixes.
* Fixed the "Feign Death" status for every frame.
* Logging in with invalid bar texture, will auto reset it to it's default value.
* Added a dropdown to delete profiles. (You cannot delete the currently loaded profile.)
* "One Group Raid" party should properly hide the raid frames.
* Fixed an issue with the "Raid Helper" module.
* Fixed a taint with the "Raid Frames" module, when loggin into combat.
* Fixed some global leaks.

* zhTW update for recently new Option UI strings.

* Wake up the repo server.

* Elite text/graphic can be disabled completely for target and focus frames.

* Fixed a major issue with group detection.
* More FPS related fixes.
* Meta-table kills.
* Player highlight fixes for druids after changing forms.
* Fixed a taint with the player frame for Balance Druids.

* Version fix.
* Raid fixes.
* Some clean ups.

* Fixed a saved variable issue with the raid size.

* Some FPS issue fixes.
* Fixed an on load issue.
* Added an option to change the raid frame's width.
* Raid gap is now a saved variable.
* The cast bar check boxes should be properly disabled when it's handler module is disabled.
* Killing meta-tables.
* A lot of smaller GUI fixes.

* Tagging as 4.0.1 release.

* Wake up the repo server.

* "Raid Helper" module optimizations.

* Fixed the excessive metatable FPS issues caused by the "Raid Helper" module.

* Raid Manager strata fix.
* Some other smaller chanes.

* zhTW update for r953's new option.

* Added the "Big Stealable Buffs" option for the focus frame.
* Some other fixes.

* Fixed the Compact Unit Profile taint.

* Event fix for Compact UnitFrame Profiles.

* Layout fixes.
* Should no longer create excessive number of combat icon textures in the options frame.
* Auto disable Compact UnitFrame Profiles when the raid frames are enabled.
* Death Knight rune position fix for docked runes.
* Death Knight runes should properly be gradient after login.
* Fixed some leaks.
* Some other smaller fixes.

* Maximum frame scaling no longer should flip out some frame elements.
* Addon communication fixes and updates.
* The "/zperl" command should properly toggle the options frame.
* Some other smaller fixes.

* Properly loading the layout for profiles.
* Reverted the new raid dropdowns, since it still taints up to the roof.
* ScrollBar fixes.
* Some other GUI fixes.

* Removed the "Set Focus" options from the non-secure raid unit dropdown.
* Reverted "ZPerl_FrameOptions.lua" to r945.
* More secure taint-free dropdown changes.
* The target assist frame should no longer change locations when changing focus, there will be an assist frame for focus only later.
* Some smaller GUI fixes.

* Absorb highlight fixes.
* Absorb highlights should properly fall off when the absorb buff is removed by any source.
* Buff helper tooltip fixes.
* Frame options tweaks.
* The druid bar should properly update in combat too.
* The extra druid bar's values should properly hide when the player values ar disabled.
* The extra druid bar's percentages should properly hide when the player percentages ar disabled.
* Added a proper dropdown handler for the stat part of the raid frames.

* zhTW update(for options added on r944), no actual change.

* Added 2D Class Portrait option for every portrait frame.
* Some other smaller fixes.

* "One group raid" party fix.

* Some smaller taint fix.
* Party/raid fix with the "One group raid" setting.
* Party and raid frames will only show/hide when out of combat with "One group raid" enabled.
* Party frames are now should be as wide as the player/target frames by default.
* Some other smaller fixes.

* zhTW update, no actual code change.

* Wake up the repo server.

* Fixed Clique support.
* Some raid pet fix.

* Party frames can be securely shown/hidden while in combat too.
* The addon usage information for tooltips should properly work again.
* The class icon for the party frames from now can be disabled properly.
* Added an option to toggle Heal Prediction bars for each frame.
* Added an option to enable/disable party frames.
* Enabling/disabling the party and raid frames should also show/hide their mover frame too.
* Increased Combat Flashing Frame's flash time to 1.2 second.
* The settings upgrade functions should properly work with global profiles too.
* The 30 yard indicator icon for the target frame should be on a proper layer level.
* Some raid pet fixes.
* Removed all CTRA parser.
* Fixed some leaks.
* Localization updates.
* A lot of other smaller fixes.

* Updated for 6.1.0.
* Reenabled Combat Flashing Frames and Highlight Debuff support for raid and raid pet frames.
* Combat Flashing Frames should no longer cause FPS issues while in bigger raid groups.
* Combat Flashing Frames should work as intended for raid frames too.
* Additional Combat Flashing Frame optimizations.
* Raid buff/debuff optimizations.
* Added an option to enable/disable "Blizzard Cooldown Text" support for buffs/debuffs.
* Loads of other GUI tweaks for player, target, targettarget, targettargettarget, focus, focustarget, party, partytargets and raid frames.

* Heal prediction fixes.
* Some other smaller fixes.

* Wake up the repo server.

* Combo point and bar fixes.

* Some more possible FPS related issue fixes.
* Target Highlighting will only work on party and raid frames, as they should.
* Force Death Knight rune frame creation.
* Raid buff/debuff fix.

* More FPS fixes with the raid frames.
* Keybinding options fixes.
* Removed CTRA parser.
* Removed some debug code.

* Wake up the repo server.

* Raid group fixes.

* Fixed the FPS issues in combat.
* Temporary disabled combat flashing for raid and raid pet frames.
* Raid pet align fixes.
* Some performance optimizations.

* Party event fixes.

* Say goodbye to Secure Header taints.
* Event fixes for target and focus frames.
* Event tweaks for party members.
* Raid pet frame fixes.
* Buffs and debuffs SetDrawEdge is disabled.
* Loads of other smaller tweaks.

* Wake up the repo server.

* Fixed an abusive frame creation with the Voice module.

* Wake up the repo server.

* Added a toggle button for OmniCC support.
* Combat lockdown button fixes, after combat fades.
* Combat lockdown icon texture fix.
* A lot of GUI fixes.

* Focus can be set from raid frames taint free.
* Raid pet frames target dropdown fix.
* Raid pet frames can have target markers.
* Some other smaller fixes.

* Full raid update after leaving combat with tainted frames.
* Reaction highlight enable/disable fix.
* Added Monk's Resuscitate.

* Version bump.

* File fixes.

* Say goodbye to CompactRaidFrame taints.
* Say goodbye to DropDown taints.
* Loads of other tweaks/fixes.
* Client restart required.

* Version bump.
* Auto version increment is still not working for some reason.

* Version bump.

* Toc updates.
* Version bump.

* Testing the auto packaging.
* Some GUI fixes.

* Stop updating party buffs, when the party is not visible for any reason.
* Focus highlighting on the target frame should be updated properly on target change too.
* Color pickers text color can be set to disabled/gray.

* Re-enabled OmniCC support.
* Anticipation support for the combo bar frame.
* Raid role icons should update properly after enable/disable.
* Virtual raid frames should not appear in configuration mode, when the group is disabled.
* Removed old combo-like debuffs functions.
* Some other smaller fixes.

* Player buffs/debuffs should showing/hiding when enabling/disabling them immediately.
* Coloring options should apply to the options frame immediately.
* GUI cleanup.

* Added Totem frame for warriors.
* Totem GUI fixes.
* Custom Highlight GUI fixes.
* Some other smaller fixes.

* Priest totem fix.
* Removed debug code.

* Monk totem fix. (Thanks to: Sadia)

* Disabling OmniCC support for buffs, to check performance issues without it.
* Fix for users with disabled "CompactRaidFrame".

* Auto fixing tainted/unclickable frames after combat end.
* Increased "CompactRaidFrameManager" strata to "HIGH".
* Load/unload addon modules should properly work again.
* Removed some useless events.

* Reverting the last fixes, need to look into this more.

* Fixed combat raid taints.

* Custom Highlight fixes. (Thanks to Muz01699.)

* Fixed the degrading FPS issues with the raid frames.

* Shield fix.

* More fixes on the degrading FPS issues.
* Fixed some taints.

* Version bump.

* Vehicle event fixes.
* Boss icon fix.
* Range detection fixes.

* Fixed degrading FPS issues, had to temporary remove Status Highlighting/Shields functionality for this.
* Some event handler updates.
* Fixed the tooltip issues.
* Some other smaller fixes.

* Event fixes for target and focus frames.

* Proper buff/debuff wrapping fixes for every frame.
* Fixed the degrading fps issues is heavy combats.
* Changing the extra width of target and focus frames should properly update buffs and debuffs.
* Some other minor fixes.

* Fixed the damn fishing pole error.
* Fixed the redisplaying portrait issues.
* Focus target changes should be much more faster.
* Changing targets should properly update focus target too.
* Setting/changing focus should no longer pointlessly update the target frame.
* Pet target taint fix.

* Status highlighting fixes. (Thanks to: dvyn.)
* More buff/debuff wrapping issues fixed on: player, target, targettarget, targettargettarget, focus, focustarget. (Not yet on party frames.)
* Target's target taint fix in combat.
* CompactUnitFrames are no longer killed on load.
* Added upvalues.
* Absorb error fix.
* Fixed a lot of leaks.

* Buff/debuff wrapping fix.
* Raid leak fixes.
* Slider ondrag value fixes.
* Loads of smaller GUI tweaks.
* A lot of other smaller fixes.

* Pet target fixes.
* Some other various fixes.

* Texture path fixes.

* Slash command fix.
* Status Highlight is enabled for all classes. (It's partially broken still.)
* Custom Highlight fixes.

* More check button fixes.
* Aggro warning should work again while not grouped.

* Fixed DK rune swipe.
* DK rune swipe has round texture now.
* DK rune cooldowns now ignores the default cooldown numbers.

* TargetTarget module updates and bugfixes.

* Fix for last commit.

* Removed a buggy dev command.
* Global fixes.

* More global scope fixes.

* Global scope fixes.

* Importing updates.
* De-xperlializing, round one.

* Importing updates.

* Initial fork.

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6.1.3-Classic 775.39 KB Nov 18, 2020
6.1.2 775.38 KB Nov 11, 2020
6.1.2-Classic 775.38 KB Nov 11, 2020
6.1.1 775.28 KB Oct 28, 2020
6.1.1-Classic 775.28 KB Oct 28, 2020
6.1.0 775.37 KB Oct 27, 2020
6.1.0-Classic 775.37 KB Oct 27, 2020
6.0.0d 774.60 KB Oct 25, 2020
6.0.0c 774.58 KB Oct 24, 2020
6.0.0b 775.50 KB Oct 22, 2020
5.9.9c-Classic 775.03 KB Oct 22, 2020
5.9.9b-Classic 774.96 KB Oct 22, 2020
6.0.0 775.39 KB Oct 14, 2020
5.9.9-Classic 774.96 KB Oct 14, 2020
5.9.8 774.36 KB Aug 4, 2020
5.9.8-Classic 774.36 KB Aug 4, 2020
5.9.7 774.04 KB Jul 30, 2020
5.9.7-Classic 774.04 KB Jul 30, 2020
5.9.6 774.09 KB Jul 18, 2020
5.9.6-Classic 774.09 KB Jul 18, 2020