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ZeraTooltip aims to make stats on item tooltips easier to read at a glance. It's extremely customizable, so you can disable features you dislike.

This addon is all about UI, so its features are best explained with a demonstration. Here's a short video (1m20s) that shows a few of the features.

There are also some pictures in the Images section.

ZeraTooltip works in every locale, though some options menu text will still be in English.




One of the main features of ZeraTooltip is its ability to reword lines. This results in shorter tooltips that are easier to understand at a glance.

For example:
    "Improves hit rating by 10"
Can be reworded to:
    "+10 Hit"

You can set custom text if you prefer. It's even possible to do this:

     "Restores 10 mana per 5 sec."  ->  "+120 Mana per Minute"


There's also an option to display a "weapon speed bar" which is a visual indicator of weapon speed. It can go beside or below the speed number.

Weapon Speed Bar (fast weapon)Weapon Speed Bar (slow weapon)



ZeraTooltip ensures that stats appear in a consistent order. The order may be customized, or you can disable the reordering entirely.
For example, here is the default order of base stats:

Secondary stats (such as spell power) may also be sorted.



ZeraTooltip can give any stat any color. Every color may be customized or disabled.

It's also possible to set a color which applies to gear that your character may learn to equip from a weapon/class trainer. This changes the default red text which would appear on items that can't be equipped. Note the orange text in the example below, which indicates that the item requires training to equip.


How to Help

If you find a tooltip that doesn't look right or if you have any other feedback/suggestions, then you can let me know by submitting an issue HERE.

If you're interested in helping to localize this addon for other languages, you can check out the Localization section to get started. To complete the process, contact me through direct message on CurseForge or by submitting an issue above.