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Zen Fishing - World of Warcraft Addon

Zen Fishing 🧘🎣 A simple double-click to fish World of Warcraft Addon.


Enable via typing


Start fishing by double-right-clicking.

Disable via via typing




FishingBuddy and FishingAce are both great addons, but they come with a lot of bells and whistles I really don't care about.

Plus, they require you to equip a fishing pole in your weapon slot, to enable easy-cast (double-right-click to start fishing); which is contrary to the current state of the game, where the fishing pole goes into the profession tab.

Thats why I wanted an addon that does just this one thing right: When enabled, double-right-click should cast fishing. Zen Fishing was born.


Icon by Fish icons created by Freepik - Flaticon


Full source-code is available here