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Last Updated: Sep 3, 2016 Game Version: 7.0.3


Oct 30, 2010

Owner: Faldoncow

Please comment with any bugs, errors that occur, or with any additional features you'd like to see added.

If a mount is not showing up, try "/ym reload" to force a reload and check if it shows up then. If it still doesn't show up, leave a comment about it.

Provides a one button solution for mounting; allowing you to ground or flying mount, dismount, exit vehicles. Some classes also can use the same keybindings for certain class abilities, such as shape-shifting as a druid or shaman. It includes a GUI for selecting which mounts you want to use. Yay Mounts is most useful for players with a large number of mounts, but only a handful that they actually want to use regularly. Players with very few mounts can still find it useful though.

The GUI can be accessed by typing "/ym" or from the Blizzard options window. You can set the keybinding from the /ym GUI options or the Blizzard keybinding menu.


  • Standard Mount = /click YayMountsButton
  • Ground Mount = /click YayMountsButton2
  • Passenger Mount = /click YayMountsButton3
  • Repair Mount = /click YayMountsButton4

Class Extra Features

  • Druids - Supports Flight Form, Swift Flight Form, Travel Form and Aquatic Form, as well as normal mounts. When trying to use Flight form in the water, you may have to jump and spam the keybind to get it. You can use a flying mount while not moving at the water's surface, but Flight Form is sometimes buggy while treading water.
  • Shaman - Supports Ghost Wolf when in combat, moving or indoors.
  • Priests or Mages - Supports casting Levitate or Slow Fall when you are falling, or when you are moving and in combat. Pressing the keybind a 2nd time will cancel Slow Fall or Levitate, but will also trigger a GCD. This is an optional feature that defaults to on, but may be turned off in the options. WARNING: Mashing the keybind to cast Levitate/Slowfall will also probably instantly cancel it!
  • Monks - Supports using Roll when in combat, or moving. Also supports using Zen Flight while moving.
  • Rogues - Supports using Sprint when in combat, or moving.
  • Paladins - Supports using Divine Steed when in combat, or moving.
  • Death Knights - Supports using Wraith Walk when in combat, or moving.
  • Special Mounts - Supports Flying Broom, Oculus mounts, Northrend Loaned mounts, Abyssal Seahorse, Subdued Seahorse, Sea Turtle. Also prioritizes Water Striders while swimming and unable to fly.

Localization - Nespirah and L'Ghorek (in Vashj'ir) are not localized for anything except English and zhCN. Option text is not localized for anything except English and German (Thanks heinzschen).


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