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If any of you has ever seen FuBar_FuXPFu, then Xparky is it's replacement.

FuXP had the unfortunate limitation that it could only attach to a fubar, and often had refreshing issues, so instead of continuing to support that addon, I decided to write a standalone that would not have such limitations.

For those who haven't seen it before, Xparky is simply a very basic, very shiny XP/Rep bar that can be attached to any named frame available. As can be seen from the images, you can attach it to any side of any frame, and even set an offset so that the bars float off the frames.

All colours are configurable, and it works off the Watched Reputation, so if any other addon modifies that, it will update Xparky alongside it.

Use '/xparky' to pull up the configuration, and have fun!

Legoblock removed in version 2.0. Just the bars now.