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WyeSoft Deflector Shield v1.04 (freeware World of Warcraft addon)
Copyright © 2012-2017 WyeSoft.  All rights reserved.
Designed and created by Matthew A. Wood
Originally released 25 September 2012
This version released 19 January 2017
Current World of Warcraft version: 7.1.5

Download and use our software and webtools at your own discretion.  WyeSoft cannot be held liable for any harm resulting from the use of our software or webtools or from the viewing of our website content.

WyeSoft Deflector Shield adds a frame to your user interface that always displays the total amount of damage absorption you have from various buffs.  It also indicates the remaining time of each buff with colour-coded bars.

The original idea behind Deflector Shield was to monitor a Death Knight tank's mastery buff, Blood Shield.  Blood Death Knights are the type of character that will benefit the most from this addon.  However, you are likely to find it useful for all class/specialization combinations.

Supported buffs
This version of Deflector Shield supports the following buffs:

Blood Shield (Death Knight - Blood mastery)
Divine Aegis (Priest - Discipline passive)
Guard (Monk - Brewmaster ability)
Ice Barrier (Mage - castable talent)
Illuminated Healing (Paladin - Holy mastery)
Incanter's Ward (Mage - castable talent)
Power Word: Shield (Priest - castable ability)
Sacred Shield (Paladin - castable talent)
Sacrificial Pact (Warlock - castable talent)
Shield Barrier (Warrior - Protection ability)

See "Colour Coding.html" for their bar colours.

Positioning the frame
Holding SHIFT allows you to drag the frame to a different position on your screen, or to resize it with the mouse scrollwheel.

Slash commands
/SHIELD F  toggles display of Deflector Shield frame.  This setting is saved separately for each character.
/SHIELD S <Scale>  resizes the Deflector Shield frame to the given percentage of its default size.  Example /SHIELD S 100  (do not enter a % symbol).
/SHIELD RESET  resets size and position of Deflector Shield frame.
/SHIELD H  lists Deflector Shield's slash commands.

In case /SHIELD is used by another addon, you can replace it with any of the following:

Change log
v1.03 to v1.04
- Updated for WoW interface version 70100
v1.02 to v1.03
- Support added for Brewmaster Monk ability, Guard
v1.01 to v1.02
- Updated for WoW interface version 50100
v1.00 to v1.01
- Bug relating to hiding the UI fixed