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oUF based!

This addon is based on (embedded) oUF!

version < 1.32:
it requires you to install oUF (download from wowinterface.com).
Sorry about this dependency, but it shouldn't be that critical.


Since oRA3 doesn't provide MT-Target Frames anymore, i decided to write this addon.

The main goal is to display oRA3 sortable Maintank/Playertank target frames.


V 1.2. Add Font options (Font face + font size)
V 1.32 oUF embedded!
V 1.40 Add Grow upwards and Grow left
V 1.50 Update for oUF 1.4 changes

Warning: Includes oUF 1.4 (Not backwards compatible with 1.3.x layouts!!). If you are using oUF 1.3.x addons, please update them or stick to WTFrames 1.40.



TODO / Wishlist

  • Config (Grow-direction, preview optimizations, ...)

WARNING!! for the latest versions (>= 1.1)

You should reload your UI after chaning some options!! (Instead of hitting "apply" all the time).


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