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Jul 18, 2012

Owner: milaisan


Legion update is in progress. Thanks for your patient.

Now, we are on Skill translation. If you have any interest, please feel free to join us.

Thank you

Successor project to CraftJapanizer since original author quit WoW.

WoWJapanizer provides Japanese-translated Quest, Item, Achievement and Spell ToolTips. All the quests including from Vanilla to WoD will be displayed in Japanese.

  • Furigana mode

When you turn on Furigana mode, all the quest text displays with Furigana like this. This feature helps to learn Japanese by gaming.

  • Font size change

From option, you can change font size in Quest Log and Tool tips to see Kanji more easy.

  • Japanese font

Addon includes free IPA Japanese font to show Japanized text.

Skill, Talent, Glyph and Achievement are finished to translate. And most of the quests from Vanilla to MoP is done by Japanese WoW fun voluntary. WoD quests translation is still in progress day by day since there is too many adventures in Draenor, you know?

Project HP:

Twitter ( feel free to ask anything):


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