Wowhead Link Grabber

5,296 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 10, 2018 Game Version: 8.0.1
First off all i'd like to give credit where credits is due.
Original addon link: Wowhead Link, made by ShadowTheAge

Here is what it does:
  • Allows you to get a wowhead link from any Quests & World Quests, Achievements, NPCs, Spells or Items.

Here is how you do:
  • Mouse over the entity and press CTRL+C by default and it shows up for you to copy.

Why did you make this?:
Well i made this because i felt like the old addon did not quite do as i felt it should, and now with the new "Curse Voice" alpha being able to show tooltips for items from wowhead links. I simply figured i'd like to create something to fix that, making it easier to share items etc. with your friends etc. It's my luck someone had already made something very close with a open license, and since the author had not updated for roughly a year i figured i'd do it.


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