WoW Notifier

Last Updated: Jul 8, 2015 Game Version: 6.2.0


Aug 3, 2013

Owner: GamersInnovation

This AddOn is used with the WoW Notifier Desktop and Mobile Applications.

This AddOn allows for the desktop app to know when the following popups are available and to send the push notification to your mobile device:

  • Premade Invite
  • Party Invite
  • Ready Checks
  • PvP
  • Pet Battle
  • Garrison Missions
  • AFK (for over 20 minutes)

If you do not have the application you can find it on Google Play under WoW Notifier.

The iOS version is now available on Apple iTunes!

Type /wn help for a list of commands.

WoW Notifier Help:

/wn /wownotifier - Displays the current notification status.

/wn (on/off) - Disable or enable all notifications.

/wn (lfg/lfr/scenario) - Disable or enable LFG/LFR/Scenario notifications.

/wn pet - Disable or enable Pet Battle notifications.

/wn pvp - Disable or enable Player versus Player notifications

/wn gx - Disable or enable gxRestarts for notifications.

/wn afk - Disable or enable AFK notifications.

/wn (rc/ready) - Disable or enable ready check notifications.

/wn (gm/missions) - Disable or enable Garrison Mission completion notifications.

/wn (pm/premade) - Disable or enable Premade Group invite notifications.

/wn (gp/group) - Disable or enable regular Group invite notifications.

/wn help - Show this message.


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