Wow Diabetes

1,579 Downloads Game Version: 7.0.3

You can now give your character diabetes. This add-on is meant to help the user understand what their friends/family with diabetes go through on a daily basis. Or if you are just curious what approximately 6% of the world population has to contend with.Since this add-on is mostly for research purposes I'd appreciate it if after you use it some you take the quick survey here.

  • /wd options or /wd reset will open an options panel allowing you to change the values to be more accurate for yourself if you have diabetes Good Low and Good Bad set the range for what is healthy for you. Bad Low and Bad high set the threshold for when you're feeling like you're going to pass out and need to change something immediately.

This addon is an example based on average measurements. Blood glucose targets are individualized based on: - duration of diabetes - age/life expectancy - comorbid conditions - known CVD or advanced microvascular complications - hypoglycemia unawareness - individual patient considerations. See more at: - not all foods are scientifically accurate currently


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