World Quest Tips & Timers

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Enigmatic Helper

  • When on the quest Enigmatic, a frame appears with all the possible paths (13 at this point, all thanks to Wowhead user varenne) (Optional)
  • Clicking on the path you see opens a second frame, "Enigmatic HUD" (Optional)
  • Keep the player arrow within the path of the Enigmatic HUD to complete the quest!
  • If you have the Enigmatic HUD off, just click the path you see to set as your reminder
  • Sizes, layouts and positions are configurable

Custom Notes:

  • Alt-Click on a World Quest to open an input for your own custom message (Optional)
  • Click on "[Quest] completed in..." chat link to edit it's note/time
  • Custom notes will show in the world map and objective tracker tooltips

TomTom Support:

  • Tracking a World Quest on adds a waypoint (Optional)
  • Waypoints set to default quest position unless an exception is found
  • Exceptions are, for example, the quest [WANTED: Inquisitor Tivos] - sets /way 26.82 49.06 Portal to Inquisitor Tivos
  • Exception waypoints automatically load when the quest is accepted (Optional)
  • More exceptions to come - your input is welcomed
  • Ley Race paths automatically added when you get on the Mana Saber (Optional)


  • Records the time from auto-accepting a World Quest to completion
  • Displays current quest time and an average completion time on World Quest tooltips once they're been recorded at least once (Optional)
  • Displays an estimated gold/resource/AP per minute in the World Quest tooltip - if there's an average time calculated (and over 1 minute)
  • You can adjust the time/completed number in the same place as setting notes, if you feel inclined
  • Amends the "Quest Completed" system message to include duration

World Quest Achievements:

  • Displays on the world map and NPC tooltip if you need the quest/NPC for [Battle on the Broken Isles]
  • Displays on the world map and NPC tooltip all the pet families still needed to for [Family Familiar] (with progress for each)
  • Options to ignore particular pet family/NPC combinations (As only 12/15 are needed for each and some are very tough!)
  • Shows progress to "Fishing 'round the Isles" on fishing world quests that you don't have credit for


  • Rep: Shows your current standing beside faction name (Optional)
  • Rep: Shows both factions you'll earn rep with if applicable
  • Rep: Hide factions once exalted (Optional)
  • Rep: Shows rep on faction insignia (Optional)
  • Rep: Shows alts reps on faction BOA insignia (Optional)
  • Rep: Shows current rep on Emissary quest tooltips
  • Shows time remaining in minutes - thanks to
  • Gold: Hides small gold rewards - who cares about the 1g83s50c anyway?


  • To open the options type:


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