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This addon creates timers for world bosses that drop rare mounts. It provides exact spawn timers when possible, otherwise approximate timers with min-max times.

- Persistent countdown timers
- Shareable timers
- Timer announcing
- Alerts on aggro and on (or before) spawn:
    - Sound alert
    - Flash game icon

There are two ways to create timers:

1. Witness a kill
2. Be close to someone who shares the timer in /say. Automatic sharing is disabled by Blizzard since 8.2.5.

All timers are account wide. However, to reduce the risk of sharing incorrect data, the sharing is sometimes disabled (e.g. if you are in a group, which means that you might have switched servers).

To get a full list of in-game actions and settings, type "/wbt" in the chat console. This includes turning off the auto-announce, reseting timers, showing expired timers, and more.

Supported bosses
Exact: Rukhmar, Oondasta, Galleon
Approximate: Nalak, Sha of Anger, Huolon
Limited support: Zandalari Warbringers

In-Depth of how it works
When a player with the addon is near a world boss that dies, the addon registers the time of the death, and calculates the spawn time. That is, it is NOT given by the server.

The timers are kept on your account, and will be visible when you log another character. However, you won't auto-announce the timers if they are considered contaminated. That is, if you for the kill: 1. were on a different server (or even in a group) 2. in Normal mode, but are now in Warmode.

It's currently not possible to share data in any other way than '/say'. I've tried to do it with the hidden Addon-channel (only works for connected servers), and I've considered using a separate channel (but I suspect that it only works for connected servers as well). If you have any other idea how to share timers without spamming, please feel free to contact me about it.

Since 8.2.5, you must manually share the timer. Requesting with the "Req." button no longer causes automatic sharing.

If you have any problems, please report them on the GitHub issue tracker, or just in the comments if you really don't want to use the issue tracker.