World Quests List

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Compact list of all world quests in current zone or whole Broken Isles. New quests will be highlighted, so you can easly check them. Factions with active bounty quests are marked with green color.


Reward filters:

  • Gear
  • Azerite
  • War Resources
  • Reputation
  • Gold
  • Other

Sort options:

  • By time left
  • By zone
  • By faction
  • By rewards
  • By distance-to-quest

How to start: open your map in non-fullscreen mode or use "/wql" chat command for list-only window.

You can use command "/wql options" to force options dropdown, or "/wql help" for other commands.


Some features:

  • Looking for group functionality. Create or find groups for world quests
  • World quests icons on continents map
  • Reward type on icons on the map
  • Icon on the flight map for recently chosen quest
  • Arrow to selected quest
  • Treasure/rares mode for map
  • Detailed Argus Map
  • Shell Game quest helper 
  • Enigma (Kirin-tor) quest helper ("/enigmahelper") 
  • "Barrels o' Fun" helper