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WonderRep (Reputation)

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What is it? - WonderRep is a simple reputation & faction mod. It dynamically changes your reputation bar and tracks how much reputation you've gained. More info below. Please leave comments!

Current Features -
- Changes reputation experience bar to the reputation you are currently gaining.
- Announces when it changes the bar.
- Announces when you get a reputation change (killing a mob, turning in a quest, etc.) and how much more reputation you need until the next level. (ex: 1000 more reputation needed for Friendly)
- Keeps track of reputation earned during a session.  Announce how much longer until the next reputation level at the current rate.
- Processes guild reputation gains.
- Messages are displayed in the chat log or combat log (default is chat log).
- Changes reputation bar to the appropriate reputation when entering a battle ground. (ex: The Defilers / The League of Arathor when entering Arathi Basin)
- Changes the reputation bar when entering certain instances. (Current instances supported: Stratholme, Zul'Gurub, Naxxramas)

To Install: Unzip it to your interface/addons directory.

How do I use it?
When you run world of warcraft be sure to check the addon list to see that it is checked. When you login you should see a message in your chat frame (might be scrolled up if there are lots of addons) about WonderRep has loaded and what version is loaded.

Commands -
Use /wonderrep <command> or /wr <command> to perform the following commands:
help -- Shows in game help.
status -- shows your current settings.
announce -- toggles whether to display reputation to next level message.
autobar -- toggles the automatic change of the reputation bar.
barchange -- toggles displaying a message when the reputation bar is changed.
timeleft -- toggles the display of time left to next reputation level.
guildrep -- toggles the processing of Guild reputation gains.
chat -- Makes WonderRep messages display to the Chat Frame.
combatlog -- Makes WonderRep messages display to the Combat Log.
interval <##> -- Changes how often WonderRep will display messages. Available intervals are: 1, 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400, 450, 500.
color <color> -- changes the color of most of WonderRep's messages. Available colors are: red, green, emerald, yellow, orange, blue, purple, cyan.

No known bugs - please leave a comment if you run into any!

If anything you would like to see added leave a comment!