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## Wisent v1.0.0 - Recent changes (3 releases)
    Updated ProcsBar for Legion with the newest spell IDs. This includes Monk and Demon Hunters, which were still missing (Note: Existing settings for the ProcsBar may be reset if you changed them from the defaults. This is a side effect of the update and will only happen once)

    Disabled the obsolete Weapon Enchants Bar. It will be reworked soon´┐Ż

    Fixed Masque support - registering buttons already worked, but now they're actually being styled, too
    Fixed the broken /wi slash command (alias)
    Reworked localisation system and integrated it with the CurseForge packager
    Fixed horrible grammar in the default (English) translation and removed the other, now-obsolete locales (will require a re-translation)r1:
    Reworked ComboBar to track Legion "combo points" (and spells/buffs that fulfill a similar role) for all classes

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