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Created this when I wasn't sure on the best place to gather a specific herb.


This simple addon will let you know where you can go to gather materials for crafting. Will save you having to go find the item onlinebefore heading off to gather some.


Works in bags, auction house and crafting windows.



- All launch gathered profession items covered!



- Herbs

- Ores & Bars

- Leather

- Cloth

- Enchanting

- Elemental items


All expansions:

- Herbs

- Ores & Bars

- Leather


Battle for Azeroth, Legion & Warlords:

- Elemental materials

- Cloth


Battle for Azeroth & Legion:

- Inks & Pigments

- Dusts & Shards

- Gems


Battle for Azeroth:

- Fish

- Meat


Works for all language packs. However additional text will be in English.