Where Cursor (DMouse)

42,385 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 7, 2019 Game Version: 8.2.0

Can't find your cursor? DMouse may help.

DMouse is an addon to assist with finding your mouse location during chaotic times by placing an effect of your choice that shows you where your mouse is located.


Message me with your ideas. Is your idea too complicated to explain? Draw it and send me the photo(s)!
If your idea is possible to program within a reasonable amount of time (I do have a day job), I will see what I can do.




To get to the options either type /dm or go to main menu > interface > addons > dmouse


What DMouse allows you to do:

- Show / Hide cursor effects all the time or when your in combat only

- Enable / Disable cursor effects when you enter vehicle mode

- Option to offset the position of the circles on the x and y axis (this is for those who have alignment issues)

- Option to set addon update rate, good for those with slow computers or fast computers or that just wish to slow down or speed up the selected effect

- (NEW) Option to set global transparency

- (NEW) You can now choose from multiple effects

- (NEW) Each effect now has an options page so you can configure them individually




Please type /dm and hit the reset button. If the error persists, let me know what you were doing, how you got the error and your settings so I can replicate the error and then fix it.


- Need to reset the addon?

Type /dm and click the reset button


- UI Scaling and Screen resolution

If you change your UI Scaling or Screen resolution without a UI Reload the addon will not be aligned, you will need to reload your ui to get it aligned again.


- Still having problems?

You can message me or post below.




Like it? Use it? Show your support for it!


Due to lack of support and taking far too much of my time & effort,
I will no longer be updating any of my addons.