WoW Hates Aurorraa

947 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 13, 2015 Game Version: 6.1.0

Ever feel like WoW is out to get you? This addon is designed to track especially annoying random targetted boss mechanics and counts how many times each person gets targetted during the pull. For the time being, it tracks debuff based skills (crystalline barrage, penetrating shot, etc.). There's a small GUI to keep a running tally and a printing option for a more comprehensive report. It's the first addon I've made, so if you find anything wrong with it or have any suggestions to improve upon it, I'd appreciate it.

In honor of Aurorraa, our priest who to this day is convinced the game hates her.

Currently updated for T17 raids. Tracks: Kargath - Berserker Rush Tectus - Crystalline Barrage Gruul - Petrify Blast Furnace - Bomb (involuntary), Fixate, Volatile Fire Darmac - Conflagrate Thogar - Delayed Siege Bomb Maidens - Penetrating Shot, Rapid Fire Flamebender - Fixate, Molten Torrent, Blazing Radiance Blackhand - Marked for Death


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