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Have you ever been out in the world, adventuring, and suddenly come across a [Small Furry Paw]? A [Sharp Claw]? Maybe even a [Large Venom Sac]? If you have, like many other adventurers, you may have asked yourself the question "What is this random item for? Should I keep it or just sell it?"


Well, do I have the solution for you. With the addon What's That For? (or WTF for short), the answer to these commonly asked questions is now at your fingertips. Simply hover over the item, press shift, and behold the myriad uses for those random items in the world.


Additional options exist to filter unneeded information, like quests that can't be completed (such as the AQ questline, certain rep quests, etc), or uses that aren't part of your profession list. Type /wtf or go to your addon options list to enable/disable any of these.


1.1 Update - Added support for all the new items/recipes in SoD!

1.2 Update - Added support for all items added in SoD P2.