WCL China server data, only supports the Vanilla version.

1. The plug-in ontology is still the original author of version 60. This update only makes a small amount of display optimization

2. Data capture is based on the All-Star score ranking of WCL website. Because the stability of the data capture program is not particularly good, it is tentatively updated once a week. For the time being, it is not possible to synchronize daily updates with WCL website, let alone real-time updates

3. The data capture object is the full amount of national service data , in which the tank and output are ranked by the All-Star score of damage, with about 15000 player data, and the treatment is ranked by the All-Star score of treatment.

4. Due to the full amount of data captured this time, the player ranking of the whole service and the service, as well as the All-Star score and proportion are displayed. Note: this proportion is calculated according to the number of players in the national service, not the proportion of global players on the WCL website

The plug-in and data format are slightly modified, the data only retains the All-Star score and ranking, and each character has an independent update time

The plugin automatically obtains the updated data at 2:00 in the morning and submits it to Github, packaged and submitted to curseforge