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Is a simple broker add-on, in a nice small frame you can
move around.

It shows your FPS, Latency, Memory, Durability and Money.
included is Ampere.

Features include:

FPS: It will show your frames per second.

Latency: This will show your Incoming and Outgoing
bandwidth usage.

Memory: will show you the usage of your add-ons
(Hover your mouse over to see a list of running
add-ons, click to flash the memory).

Durability: It will show the % of your Durability, when you
hover over it, it will tell you the costs.

Money: Will show how much money you have,and when you
hover over it it will show you how much you have on your
other chars, "need to log them in to register this".

Ampere: Add-on Management Panel, here you can load and
unload add-ons in game.
"to do this just go into Interface/Add-ons.

You can move the frame around when holding Shift and Left
button, it will save the placement after logout.

And it will Show/Hide when you are in Pet battles.
(you can turn this off by setting it to false in the file).