WatchIt Debug Tool

Last Updated: Mar 8, 2014 Game Version: 5.4.2


Aug 14, 2013

Owner: Malsomnus

This is a little utility for developers, that allows you to conveniently view complex variables.

To view a global variable named myTable, simply run the command:

WatchVar ('myTable')

The function returns the frame it creates so you can reposition it from your code. You can also move it freely from the GUI, and scale it by pressing ctrl and using the mouse wheel. As of v1.02, there is also a slash command so you can simple write /watch myTable right there in your chat box. Note: You can use also use the above methods to watch subtables like so: /watch myTable[idx1].subtable[3].

At the moment this only works on global variables, but since you'll probably be using it to view tables it's easy enough to create a global reference.

To create a little frame where you can easily watch a changing value:

frmWatch = CreateWatchFrame ('window_title')
frmWatch:AdjustWidth (150)
-- somewhere, presumably in an event function
frmWatch:LoadValue (value)

Feature ideas and bug reports are, as usual, extremely welcome!


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