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Known issues:

  • 10.1: AppearanceCollector will try to equip items not usable by your class.
  • AppearanceCollector may occasionally try to equip an already-collected item (sorting your bags may fix this issue).
  • If there are identical items in your bags, AppearanceCollector will try to equip all of them.
  • Moving the AppearanceCollector button (ALT+Left Click Drag) is currently not working. Use /ac reset to move it to the default position.


Are you a transmog collector? Tired of manually sifting through your bags to figure out which appearances you haven't collected? And then annoyingly mailing them one by one to your alts that can equip them? WardrobeTools is a simple addon that streamlines transmog/appearance mailing and collection between alts. It has two features:

  • Mailer: Automatically mails BOE items with uncollected appearances to alts (of your choosing) for them to equip.
  • AppearanceCollector: Once your alts have received the mailed items, use /ac to easily equip all the items and collect the appearances.

Quick Setup  

Mailer Setup

  • Open the mailbox (default UI).
  • Click the [>] button next to "Send Transmogs" to open Mailer settings.
  • In this menu, enter the names of your alts that you want to send each armor and weapon type to. These settings are saved separately for each realm and faction.
  • When finished, hover on "Send Transmogs" for a preview of which items will be mailed.
  • Then click "Send Transmogs" to mail the items. 

AppearanceCollector Usage

  • Log onto your alt(s) receiving the mail with appearances to be collected.
  • /ac shows the AppearanceCollector button. Clicking the button will equip the item on your character, collecting the appearance. 
  • Clicking again will equip the next item with an uncollected appearance (and so forth).
  • Once you have collected all appearances in your inventory, click the button one last time to equip the items you previously had equipped. 

Other commands

  • ALT + left click & drag: Moves the AppearanceCollector button. Currently not functioning correctly
  • Right click: Closes the AppearanceCollector button.
  • /ac reset - resets the position of the AppearanceCollector button.
  • /ac autoshow - toggles the autoshow feature on/off. When on, the AppearanceCollector button will automatically appear when you loot an item with an appearance you have not collected.


Advanced Feature: TradeSkillMaster Filtering! 

You must have TradeSkillMaster installed to use this feature.

WardrobeTools' Mailer can now stop items from being mailed, based on values from TradeSkillMaster. (This is an entirely optional feature, WardrobeTools works without TSM too.) 

Let’s say you’ve finished running some old dungeons. Your inventory is full of BOEs. Some of these BOEs are appearances you haven't collected. But some of those BOEs are also really valuable! You could sift through all of them one by one, send all the "worthless" BOEs to your alts to collect the appearance, and send the valuable BOEs to your auction house alt. That's time consuming. Now WardrobeTools can decide whether to mail or not mail BOEs based on a TSM price source. 

For example, if you don't want to collect appearances from BOEs with a dbmarket value over 1,000g, you can specify that in the settings. WardrobeTools will still mail uncollected items to your alts, unless an item has a DBMarket value over 1,000g. Those items will stay in your inventory. You can then follow up with your normal TSM mailing operation to send the remaining valuable BOEs to your auction house alt. The recommended process is to 1) run WardrobeTools with TSM filtering first, then 2) run your normal TSM mailing operations to send the valuable BOEs to your auction house alt.

To set up TSM filtering up, find the settings menu located in the mail window (with the mail recipient settings).  

Setting up TSM Filtering 

The TSM filter settings are located with the other settings accessible through the mailbox UI:

  • Enable TSM Filtering: Turns the TSM filter on and off.
  • TSM Price Source: any valid TradeSkillMaster price source (DBMarket, DBHistorical, etc.) or custom string.
  • Mail only if price source is less than: WardrobeTools will not mail items if the price source is greater than this value. Must be a numeric value, including two silver and two copper digits. (For example, 1000g must be inputted as 10000000). Don't put a "g" or or commas, or anything that's not a number.

If these settings aren't valid or TSM isn't installed, WardrobeTools will not send any mail until you either fix the settings, un-check "Enable TSM filtering", or enable the TSM addon.


IMPORTANT: TSM filtering only applies to MAILING. AppearanceCollector (/ac) does not look at TSM data. If there are valuable uncollected appearances in your inventory, /ac will not stop you from equipping them.


Do I need TradeSkillMaster to use WardrobeTools?

No. Open WardrobeTools’ settings, and uncheck “Enable TSM filtering.” WardrobeTools will then send items to your specified alts according to the other filters, regardless of value. 

What happened to using mouse scroll with AppearanceCollector? 

That was a bit of a risky and hidden feature, which might cause you to accidentally equip transmogs you want to sell. I've disabled the mouse scroll (but if you really want, you can re-enable it by un-commenting the two lines in the "BindMouseWheel" function in appearance_collector.lua).


Why am I getting an error about a tooltip?

WardrobeTools reads information from item tooltips to determine if you've collected the appearance or not. If you have other addons that affect item tooltips, they may interfere with WardrobeTools. Before reporting any errors, please ensure that the error occurs when all other addons are disabled. Thanks!