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What is WardrobeAchiever?

WardrobeAchiever is an addon for World of Warcraft that helps you easily track which items you have collected already to complete an appearance achievement. Right now in the game you can see if you have completed a specific appearance achievement or not, but you cannot tell which items you are missing in order to complete it. The only option you have is to look it up in the collections menu or in wowhead. 

In addition there are several achievements that you cannot complete with specific characters (like newers classes that don't have older PVP/PVE sets) making it even harder to know which ones you can complete. 

With WardrobeAchiever you will be able to see the list of achievements that you can complete with the current character, which achievement you already have and track which parts of the set you are missing (as you can do in the collections menu). 

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

It's very easy, just open the panel by clicking on the button beside the minimap and browse through the achievements, clicking on the ones you are intereset in. To the right side of the panel you will see the list of pieces you have collected already and a miniature of your character wearing the whole set. If the tier has several styles, you can switch between one and another using the little "combo menu" in the corner.

Can I hide the minimap button?

Yes. You can hide it from the options panel. If you are using Titan Panel you can enable it on the bar if you prefere to have the button there.

Can I filter the completed achievements?

Yes. You can toggle the completed achievements from the options panel.

Where is the option panel that you keep talking about?

You can find it under "Interface" -> "AddOns tab" -> "WardrobeAchiever"


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