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*More icons will be added in time.


*Set appear to equip/unequip from/into bags all ok - bank usage throws a spanner into things as it doesn't allow for a certain API to be used. Will work on a solution in time but really want to get my character levelled up!


Wardrobe attempts to replicate the equipment manager for Classic, the interface is similar and can be accessed via your character window.


New Set - Click New Set and provide a name in the dialog box, this set will then be the selected set but will not contain any items yet.

Save - Click Save Set to save your currently equipped items to the currently selected set.

Delete - This will delete the currently selected set (a confirmation dialog will be added soon)

Equip - This will equip the currently selected set.


To select a set use the drop down menu, you can then manage the set.


Slash command

To use the slash command first create a new macro and enter the text '/wardrobe equipset-' followed by the name of your set (case sensitive). For example in 1 of the images I have a set called Healing so I've used the slash command /wardrobe equipset-Healing. Using a macro like this enabes you to add the set to an action bar.


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