Last Updated: Feb 19, 2017 Game Version: 7.1.5


Nov 9, 2008

Owner: Krevlorn

No issues with Legion


Simple LDB plugin that displays and tracks info from the character currency tab.

This addon will do 2 things:

1. Display on the tooltip the contents of your character's currency tab.

2. Use the default WoW currency tracker to track up to 3 chosen currencies.

Broker_Wallet does not provide it's own display, you will need a LDB-based display addon, such as Bazooka, NinjaPanel, Titan, etc.

Special thanks to Torhal and Arkayenro.

Changes for version 3.0:

  • Functionality has been completely rewritten.
  • Tooltip now pulls directly from the currency frame.
  • Clicking will open the default currency frame.
  • Tracking uses the in-game default tracker.
  • You can track up to 3 tokens on the Broker display.
  • Broker_Wallet no longer requires SavedVariables.


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