Wagon Detector

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With help of this addon raid leader / officer is able to:

  • check dispel statistics after the end of encounter
  • check interruption statistics after the end of encounter
  • check timings for enemies casts after the end of encounter
  • configure events to be tracked during the battle (for instance 'gaining some aura' or 'damage taken by spell' or 'death by spell' etc.)
  • configure events occurred in between other events
  • configure penalty points for each simple tracked event
  • configure guild ranks to be tracked
  • make statistics for each raider in order to track who is good enough in general
  • check latest pull statistics
  • check history for all fines
  • type /wd for list of available commands


  • Failure statistics is saved in officer's notes, so that this addon CANNOT be used with other tracking addons (EPGP etc.)

Latest patches:

  • v0.0.60 - upgrade to 10.0
  • v0.0.57-59 - statistics for custom ranges
  • v0.0.54-56 - auras monitor, unit lifetime, filters, fixes
  • v0.0.53 - Part VII: damage/heal statistics based on statistic rules
  • v0.0.49-52 - Part VI: statistic basic, total healing/damage done/taken stats
  • v0.0.48 - [GUI] statistic rules implementation, crash fixes
  • v0.0.47 - Part V: rule dependency
  • v0.0.45-46 - Part IV: custom range rules tracking