Vilinka's Insanity

21,911 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 3, 2019 Game Version: 8.2.0  

Vilinka's Insanity

An addon which shows your current insanity value, predicted insanity generated by successful spell cast and insanity generated by auspicious spirits. 

It also shows your voidform buff stack (+ haste %) and remaining time in voidform (+ drains stacks).


If you have talent "Lingering Insanity" selected it will show your current lingering insanity stack.

To open the options menu type "\vilins opt" or "\vilinkasinsanity opt" in your chat window.

Voidform report

After you inevitably exit voidform, report will be generated and displyed in chat window.

The addon will save up to 3 reports by default (number of saved reports can be changed in the options).

To display saved reports use command "\vilins vf" or "\vilinkasinsanity vf" in your chat window.

GCD bar (v1.1)

Additional bar (attached to the main bar) showing your global cooldown progress.

Mindbender bar (v1.3)

Additional bar displaying mindbender duration and predicted next attack.


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