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Vengeance Status

Vengeance StatusBar


  • Will show Attack Power gained from Vengeance in a customizable StatusBar widget.
  • Offer an LDB feed / minimap icon
  • Allow other addons to leverage it for getting Vengeance information (current, cap and decay)


  • /vengeancestatus or /vgs for quick options (hide/show, lock/unlock etc)
  • Blizzard Interface Options panel for detailled customization options and help

LDB Feed 


Only of interest to other addon authors

-- Using VengeanceStatus as a source of Vengeance Data

-- 1. Create a method in your addon to receive data
-- This is assuming MyAddon is the addon object or a dedicated table
function MyAddon:VengeanceUpdate(vengeance,vengeanceMax,vengeanceDecay)
-- do something with the values passed in

-- 2. Check that VengeanceStatus and its API is present and plug-in your method
if VengeanceStatus and VengeanceStatus.GetVengeanceUpdates then
VengeanceStatus:GetVengeanceUpdates(MyAddon, MyAddon.VengeanceUpdate)
-- both the addon object/table and the callback in dot notation need to be supplied