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ViragDevTool is Lua World of Warcraft addon for addon-developers. Functionality is similar to a debugger. Much easier to use then default print or chat debug

This addon can help new developers to understand WoW API. Main idea is to examine WoW API or your addon's variables in table-like UI.

The latest version can be found here : http://wow.curseforge.com/addons/varrendevtool/files/

Full README on Github Page https://github.com/varren/ViragDevTool/

How To Use

--- Main (and the only) function you can use
-- Adds data to ViragDevTool UI list to monitor
-- @param object (any type)  - object you would like to track. 
-- @param name (string or nil) -  readable name to show in UI for you var
function ViragDevTool_AddData(object, name)

For example `ViragDevTool_AddData(_G, "_G") ` will add global variable as new row in ViragDevTool UI `HybridScrollFrame` list

Clicking on function name will try to call the function. WARNING BE CAREFUL

How i use it from code:

--define print fn in my addon so it is easy to turn ViragDevTool off 
function MyOtherAddon_Print(strName, tData) 
    if ViragDevTool_AddData and MyOtherAddon.kbDEBUG then 
        ViragDevTool_AddData(tData, strName) 

-- use this function all over my code instead of print
MyOtherAddon_Print("MyOtherAddon", MyOtherAddon) -- sends object to UI

How to use it from UI:


How to contribute

If you have some TODOs, bugs, feature requests use Github issue tracker or Curse comments board