VantageEnemyFrames is a fork of the popular BattlegroundEnemies addon for World of Warcraft. This addon focuses on maintainability, optimizing CPU and memory usage, and introducing new features to enhance the overall gaming experience in battlegrounds.

Supports Classic Vanilla and Classic WOTLK.


  • Aura Tracking: Keep track of important buffs and debuffs on your enemies.
  • BigDebuffs support: Use BigDebuffs priorities and limit displayed auras to a threshold.
  • Combat Indicators: Easily identify who is currently engaged in combat.
  • Diminishing Returns Tracking: Stay informed about diminishing returns on crowd control effects.
  • Map-wide State: Track enemy state even when they can't be targeted.
  • Resurrection Timers: Monitor resurrection timers and receive visual indicators.
  • Target Counters: See the number of allies targeting your enemies.
  • Target Indicators: Identify the primary target of your allies with visual indicators.
  • Trinket and Racial Cooldown Tracking: Keep track of when enemies use trinkets and racial abilities.

To open the options panel: type /vef

It is recommended to use this addon in combination with BigDebuffs to accurately filter auras displayed.