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PvP addon displays a group in range healing & damage meter and role hp & count during combat.

Vantage is your group battle meter while in combat. Put the Vantage frame where you'll see it best, hold down keyboard SHIFT and LEFT MOUSE button to drag. Position your character to maintain a good count of nearby healers, tank (if relevant), and damagers. Group leader can use the addon to keep track of group performance, role health and positioning. Group member in heat of battle can use the addon to stay in range of best performing group members.

Encourage other group members to install this addon for better group positioning. Potentially a massive advantage. Stay grouped and destroy the enemy.

Vantage is designed to complement other PVPXTV addons TopTarget, TopCombat and WarCult.

Group healing & damage indicators left and right on frame. Role health icons in center, displayed above your group's healer, tank and damager counters when in spell range.


  • You must be grouped and in combat for Vantage frame to display.
  • Frame is initially centered. To move the frame, hold down keyboard shift and left mouse button to drag the frame to desired position.
  • Group healing meter displays ally healing output versus ally damage received multiple times per second, represented as a colour coded triangle.
  • Group damage meter displays ally damage output versus ally damage received multiple times per second, represented as a colour coded triangle.
  • Vantage frame role count excludes you. If no combat role assigned, group members are counted as a damager.
  • Tank/healer columns hidden if no tank/healer in group. Tank column is hidden if player is only tank in group.
  • Combine with TopTarget and TopCombat to see your group's top enemy target and the top enemy damager.
  • Combine with WarCult, get killing blows in any PvP and sacrifice them at the X to earn levels.
  • For WoW retail battlegrounds, arena and world PvP.


Vantage Demo

Vantage is the (movable) row of role icons bottom center of screen. See image demos.


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