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This is a very simple addon that can replace the default keybind for sheathing/unsheathing your weapons (default "Z").

When you unsheath your weapons using the addon keybind, the addon will check if your weapons have been unsheathed when you move forwards and if they aren't it will automatically unsheathe them.

This is the first version and currently only checks when you press forwards on your keyboard.

To use the addon:

After installing and loading the game, press escape to show the main menu, then press "keybinds" Navigate to the "other" tab and you should find a new option to toggle the addon on or off. Set this keybind to a suitable key, or replace your normal unsheathe keybind and click "OK"

When you press the key you bound to the addon it will shealth and unsheathe your weapons. If you unsheathe them the addon will make sure they stay unsheathed everytime you press "forwards"

you can also type /um to see if the addon is enabled or disabled, or type /um toggle to switch between modes

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I've discovered one of the most common causes of the addon appearing to not be working which is channeling whilst weapons are unsheathed. This could be due to interacting with something, bandaging, etc. There appears to be a bug in the game when you do this as your weapons will visibly move to the sheathed position but the game doesn't correctly update the sheathstate. Therefore when the addon checks the sheathstate the game returns that they are unsheathed when in fact they appear not to be! To get around this I've spent a good deal of time adding a new mechanism which will detect when you channel and will stop the addon timer, upon finishing that channel the timer restarts and forces a sheath toggle.

I have also added a new option to the config screen (/um config) to manually set the refresh rate of the timer.

I'm still working on identifying any other scenarios that can cause the sheathstate to report incorrectly and will add fixes and workarounds to these as I find them


(Please note that I am a novice and this is my first addon so any constructive feedback is welcome)


**Please report bugs/issues here: https://wow.curseforge.com/projects/unsheathmove/issues**


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