UnLeash: The Essential Hunter's Companion Addon

Version: 0.0.5

Author: Brad Jackson



UnLeash is designed with the World of Warcraft hunter in mind, ensuring that your loyal companions are always by your side, ready for action. Leveraging intuitive notifications and state checks, UnLeash enhances your gameplay by managing the presence of your pets, especially in transitions from flying to landing. This addon is a must-have for hunters who value their pets' readiness and wish to streamline their pet management.


  • Automatic Notifications: Receive immediate, clear notifications whenever you land from flying, reminding you to summon your pet if it's not already by your side. These alerts are conveniently displayed both in the middle of your screen and in your chat window for unmissable reminders.
  • Pet Status Monitoring: UnLeash continuously monitors your pet's status, alerting you if your pet is not summoned or if your pet has died, ensuring you're always prepared for whatever challenges you face.
  • Intelligent Pet Management: The addon intelligently recognizes your gameplay state, disabling unnecessary alerts when you're in situations where pet management isn't possible, such as when flying, casting, or in vehicle mode.
  • Simple, Non-intrusive Interface: Designed to be lightweight and non-intrusive, UnLeash operates quietly in the background, offering notifications only when necessary, allowing you to focus on your adventure.
  • Easy to Use: With no complicated setup required, UnLeash works right out of the box, automatically initializing upon login or entering the world, ensuring your hunter's companion management is always optimized.