unitscanData  - WoW 1.14 addOn


mob map location

Type /unitscanData in-game to show UI.


- Select dangerous creatures/mobs you want to track

- A warning will pop up as soon they come in range.


Can save your HARDCORE runs from undetected, deadly Elite mobs lurking around.


In order for this addOn to work, you also need to install unitscan (https://www.curseforge.com/wow/addons/unitscan/files?page=1&pageSize=20&version=1.14.4).




unitscanData act as a plugin for the WoW Classic vanilla unitscan.

It's an utility and interface plugin for the Classic version of the unitscan addon developed by


simon_hirsig: (https://legacy.curseforge.com/members/simon_hirsig/projects)


(To easily open it, just create a macro: /script CreateMacro("unitscanData", "INV_MISC_QUESTIONMARK", "/unitscanData", nil); )



unitscanData provides a simple user interface (UI) on top of unitscan to assist users in the process of adding/removing
NPCs from the unitscan track list. This way, you don't have to manually type "/unitscan <NPC_NAME>" for each unit.
This addon works for Classic, SoM, Era, and Hardcore server clients, but currently, the data database is only available
for Vanilla content. Nevertheless, I developed it with the intention of being a useful utility for HARDCORE players.
The idea is to combine unitscanData with uniscan to help us in HardCore runs having big screen warning when some uninvited
elite became too unconfidently close.


Please note that due to Blizzard API limitations, this tool may fail: always stay alert!


For bug reports and suggesion (related to unitscanData) e-mail to: cruccio.addon@gmail.com