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This addon aims to improve upon the standard blizzard unit frames without going beyond the boundaries set by them. Due to this, the addons memory usage is very small as all the hard work to get the unitframes to work is already done by Blizzard, I just improve upon them.

Compatibility with WoW Classic and WoW WotLK

For now, the main line addon supports only WoW 10.0 (Dragonflight). Support for Classic and WotLK is still provided via the available releases.

Updated support for Classic and Wrath may be added soon(tm), until then, please use old versions.

Main Features

The Blizzard UnitFrames are extended with the following:

  • Taller healthbar (In Classic and Wrath, this is standard in Dragonflight/WoW 10+)
  • Proper class coloring of the healthbar accoring to player class
  • Better output of text on the statusbars
    • Formats "12.4k/45.3k" or "12.4k (20%)" depending on option
  • Fully integrated with rune-bar, shard-bar etc from the standard interface
  • Scalable Player/Target/Focus/TargetOfTarget/BossFrames frames (Classic/Wrath only, this is built-in for Dragonflight/WoW 10+)

Works for Player, Target, Focus, FocusTarget. Uses the standard Pet, TargetOfTarget frames. Is even better when combined with the new Blizzard CompactRaidFrames (also CompactPartyFrames)


Please note that the traditional PVP icons for the factions is used to show which faction the targeted player is in, even if the player is not flagged for PVP. The PVP Free-For-All icon is used to show hostile opposite faction players currently.

The following restrictions apply in WoW Classic:

  • Focus frame is not supported as this was introduced in a later version of WoW
  • The Target frame includes target health and mana values in contradiction to base Classic Target frame. I may make this an option at some point, but for now, it is there because I wanted it.

System Requirements

Total memory usage in normal operation: ~20KB


Uses the Blizzard options for Player frames. UnitFramesImproved now also supports some basic slash-commands in Classic and WotLK.

Available slash-commands (Classic & WotLK only)

/unitframesimproved help Shows a help text
/unitframesimproved scale factor Scales the player and target frame using factor (0.0 - 10.0)
/unitframesimproved reset Resets the scaling of the player and target frames

You can also use the short form /ufi instead of /unitframesimproved.

Movable PlayerFrames

This functionality is now included as part of WoW, and has as such been removed from UnitFramesImproved.

Scalable PlayerFrames

This function is now standard in WoW Retail since Dragonflight (10.0), as such it has been removed from the plugin for this release.

For WoW Classic and WotLK, it it still supported in the addon.

Scalable PlayerFrames Wow Classic & WotLK

The portraits are linked and the scale factor will be applied to both PlayerFrame, TargetFrame, and also FocusFrame. The factor is 1.0 for normal size. 2.0 is 200% of normal size. 1.2 would be 20% larger than normal. The distance between PlayerFrame and Target frame is relative to scale of the frames. Scaling now also affects the BossFrames, at 90% scale of the factor used. (Disabled for now due to issues with stability)

NOTE! By default the Player and Target frame positions are linked. This link can be cut by choosing to make the TargetFrame user-placed.

Future Improvements

  • Classic UI for WoW 10.0 (maybe)

Design Philosophy

I have a short list of design philosophies:

  • How I like it, is how the addon will be
    • I design this addon 100% after how I want it. Don't get me wrong, feedback is much appreciated as it may give me ideas that I had not yet thought about, and want for myself after that.
  • It just works (tm)
    • I like this one the best. I try to design all software I create around this principle. You shouldn't need to configure 54 options to get something that works. Things should work right out of the box, and execute it's task perfectly according to the requirement. If options upon options is what you want, there are other addons that do this. I got tired of them and created this.

Demonstration Videos

Known bugs

  • Nothing at the moment for Retail. Classic and Wrath may still have taint issues until updated.

If you are having too many issues somehow with Retail, I would recommend to use HealthBarColor addon instead for now.