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In case of addon-breaking bugs, please contact me directly in WoW. This greatly increases the chance that I actually fix it. Please refrain from sending feature requests. I can be contacted on Kazzak under the name Umberwaugh.

I always wanted an addon for my interface to allow me to drag my Death Knight runes around. But every addon that I found used custom textures for the runes, which annoyed me. Therefor I have made this addon that uses the default Blizzard interface runes, which allows you to drag your runes around and show additional information.


'/umber' will bring up the list of available commands.


To scale components, use '/umber lock' to unlock the frame, and then hold the right mousebutton on a component to set its scale. Moving the mouse upwards whilst holding rightclick will increase the component's scale, and downwards will decrease it. Additionally, you can set the entire scale at once using '/umber setscale [number]'.

This is the addon in normal form, showing the Death Knight's runes.

Additionally, you can enable more info such as disease timers on current target and Runic Power.

The addon can also display Bone Shield stacks.

Finally, this addon can also display information about the current target including health and class energy.

The additional components can be toggled on and off individually.
The addon is fully draggable and scaleable.
This addon only works for Death Knights.

The interface can be set to hide automatically when out of combat.

Diseases and abilities are tracked in any language.


Wrath of the Lich King Classic


Version 1.11.0 supports Wrath of the Lich King Classic.