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Filename UltraSquirt-v0.6.2-Release.zip
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Uploaded Oct 25, 2020
Game Version 9.0.1
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Version 0.6.2 Release / 2020-10-25


Interface version updated in .toc.

Updated to latest release of Ace libraries.

Removed BFA backward compatibility for SelectGossip.

Updated post-battle timer logic to have an extended delay if the Rematch options LoadHealthiest and LoadHealthiestAfterBattle are both enabled. Added options to allow the delay timers to be customised if needed.

Casting Revive Battle Pets or using a Battle Pet Bandage will now also trigger a short delay.

The Revive Battle Pets and Battle Pet Bandage buttons on the UltraSquirt window now check if any pets in the current loadout has damage - if not they are temporarily disabled.

Updated Garrison Stable Master healing logic to use a flag on each individual NPC.

Added targetable Garrison NPCs to valid NPC list (i.e those which do not use the Challenge Post to start the fight). Beyond Squirt these are not useful for levelling pets, but can be a good way to achieve some of the Warlords of Draenor pet battle achievements.