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Mar 30, 2008

Owner: fmeus

UberInventory keeps track of where you have your items stored as well as how much cash you own, it even tracks the amount of cash attached to mails that you haven't collected yet (this is only done when visiting a mailbox).

The information that has been collected can be viewed anywhere within the game, so you never need to be at the bank or guildbank to be able to see what is stored there. What is even better if one or more guild members have UberInventory installed as well, you will receive the latest information of what is stored in the guildbank (and guild cash) after they have visited the guildbank.

Items that are not usable by the current character are marked red, just like is done on the Auction House. This makes it easy to see if items stored ate other characters or guild banks are of any use for your character.

Additionally vendor prices are added to tooltips (in bags, quest log, etc).

UberInventory support the following chat commands:

/ubi : open/close UberInventory dialog
/ubi { help | ? }: show this list of commands
/ubi <string>: search for items within your inventory
/ubi { remchar | remguild } <name>: Remove character or guildbank data
/ubi resetpos: Reset position of the main UberInventory frame

Please use the ticket system on curseforge.com to report issues.

You can also follow WoWAddons on Twitter. Update notifications and known issues will be posted on Twitter.


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